Kas Software

The following parts below will go true the software for the balancing bot..

Part one: sensor, setup and fixed time loop
Part two: sensors aquisition smoothing and zeroing, angle calculation
Part three: Kalman filtering
Part four: PID control
Part five (final): DC motor control and V1 code
Part six: Motor encoders and V2.0 code
Part seven: Remote control and V3.0 code

Current version of the bot code:

KasBotV1.2_Serial (Use this one when using the Balancing Bot GUI)

Current version of the GUI:

BalancingBotGUI v1.2
More info about the GUI

Currently you will see trends for the following values:
– ACC_X, _Y, GYR_Y
– actAngle, ACC_angle
– pTerm, iTerm, dTerm
– drive

You can also see and change the following values:
– setPoint
– K, Kp,  Ki, Kd
– error (read only)
– STD_LOOP_TIME (read only)
– lastLoopUsefulTime (read only)
– lastLoopTime (read only)
– updateRate
– motorOffsetL
– motorOffsetL

Old versions:

(Use this one when using the Balancing Bot GUI)

Complete sketch