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New project

Posted in Arduino, Self balancing robot on September 30th, 2010 by x-firm – Be the first to comment

I have always bean interested of self balancing robots do they have many challenging parts. And I have bean planing to build one for many years but never come round to it.

I stumbled on a forum post at the Arduino forum that gave me the inspiration to start up a new project for a self balancing robot.

The goal for the project is of curse to get the robot to balance but it should also take commands from a remote control. It should also override the commands from the remote control if the local sensors detect a obstacle or detects a two big tilt angle.

I will also make a GUI with processing that will read and present sensor values and other information from the robot and it should also be possible to control the robot from the GUI.

Now when the Swedish crone is strong to the dollar I took the opportunity to order some things for the robot from Pololu Robotics and Electronics.

Here is the part list:

1 2 0 1443 29:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx52L mm with 64 CPR Encoder 0 2 39.95 79.90
2 1 0 1084 Pololu 37D mm Metal Gearmotor Bracket Pair 0 1 7.95 7.95
3 1 0 1083 Pololu Universal Aluminum Mounting Hub for 6mm Shaft Pair 0 1 7.95 7.95
4 1 0 1439 Pololu Wheel 90x10mm Pair – White 0 1 9.95 9.95
5 1 0 1266 LPR510AL Dual-Axis (Pitch and Roll or XY) Gyro with ±100°/s and ±400°/s Ranges 0 1 19.95 19.95
6 1 0 1252 MMA7341L 3-Axis Accelerometer ±3/11g with Voltage Regulator 0 1 14.95 14.95
7 1 0 2110 Pololu Step-Down Voltage Regulator D15V35F5S3 0 1 14.95 14.95
8 1 0 707 Dual VNH3SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD03A 0 1 49.95 49.95

Now my Arduino is on the way

Posted in Arduino on September 28th, 2010 by x-firm – Be the first to comment

Now I have ordered a Arduino some other thing from a local Swedish distribute called Electrokit. I toke the Arduino Duemilanove board that should be good for beginners with regulated 3.3V and 5V directly on the board.

I both some other components to be able to make the examples in the following guides:

Hopefully I will get it soon so I can start testing…

My first try with Processing

Posted in Processing on September 28th, 2010 by x-firm – Be the first to comment

Now I have installed and tried the Processing IDE and I haft to say that its really simple to get going with. I’m also amazed about how powerful it is and how fast you can create something cool.

I will try to interface a accelerometer and a gyro with a Arduino so I wanted to make a meter in Processing showing the angels measured from the sensors.

This is my first try and I quite happy with it:

Link to a example of it: Meter_test

Source code: Meter_test